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who is papoulas douradas?

✧ Stardust ✧


R$5 /month

✷ Early access to my illustrations (which I will post on social media or not) and YouTube videos*

✷ Backstage, processes, sketches, product spoilers, etc 

✷ 1 monthly mobile wallpaper


*in Portuguese

✶ little star ✶

R$10 /month

✷ Monthly podcast* about life and career news

✷ Exclusive videos*

Everything from the previous subscription:

Early access to my illustrations and videos* + Behind the Scenes +
1 Monthly Mobile Wallpaper + GRATITUDE ☺︎

*in Portuguese, access to the old ones


✺ shooting star ✺


R$30 /month

✷ Voucher "Package of the Month" in the store**

✷ Detailed processes behind personal illustrations and works

✷ Access to Papoulers Discord community

Everything from the previous signature:

Early access to my illustrations and videos* + Behind the Scenes +
1 Monthly Mobile Wallpaper + Monthly Podcast* + Exclusive Videos* + GRATITUDE ☺︎

*in Portuguese, access to the old ones
**only for delivery in Brazil

⭐ How do Subscriptions work? How does it help me?

The Golden Poppies Club is apaid community, as if it were a “salary” that I receive every month!

That is, I can create content and receive financial help for it. The money I earn here helps me to:

→ Do personal projects with financial security

→ Buy new drawing materials

→ Pay bills in general

→ Feed plums, dust, pudding and nibs (my cats)

⭐ Beauty Poppy, I want to help!

Choose the best subscription type for you and paymonthlyto have access toexclusive content!

Payment can be made bycredit card, boleto and even PIX.

But calm down, there is no long-term commitment:

→  You can cancel anytime

→  If you want to switch subscriptions (down or up) you can cancel and subscribe again

⭐ What is the Package of the Month?

in the signatureShooting staryou get a "Package of the Month" coupon, that means that every month you receive a coupon to get the Package of the Month fromgracein the store! This little package may vary, but they will always be stickers and/or prints (thingsflat).

Why is Bundle of the Month better than an automatic physical reward?

→  Only those who want to take the package (avoids possible waste and disposal) 

→  It will be available in the store for anyone to buy (if there is any left over)

→  It can be something exclusive/new or an existing product at a promotional price (it circulates products stopped in the store)

How will it work?

» One day before the Package of the Month enters the store, I will post a notice, a photo and the coupon in the community

» The product will be available for anyone to buy, so there may be a chance that it will sell out (although I think it's unlikely, because it will be a reasonable amount). In case you already liked it, plan to get yours (for free, uhu)

» Shipping will be done byRegistered letterand you can follow the progress of it through the store itself

» Unfortunately, if you miss the deadline or run out, I can't do anything, but there's already a lot of cool rewards, so I hope you understand! The Package of the Month is only available until the last day of the month.

⭐ Extra rewards

Eventually, it may happen that I make extra rewards available (when I have a cool idea or time to please), but I commit to delivering the rewards described in each subscription☻

I want to support!


R$5 /month

R$10 /month

R$30 /month

general doubts

✷ What is the club platform?
Hotmart! you can use indesktop  or download the appHotmart and having access to the content through your cell phone, it's super practical!

✷ How do I access the contents?
All our communication will be through Hotmart.
There are 4communities: Exclusive, Podcast + Videos, Processes, Package of the Month and International.
Depending on the type of subscription you pay for, you have different accesses.
Stardust Signature: community access Exclusive
Star Signature: access to communitiesExclusivePodcast + Videos
Shooting Star Subscription: access to communitiesExclusive, Podcast + Videos, Processes andPackage of the Month
International Signature: community accessinternational
This way, everything is separate and organized, and it's easier for you to find things!

✷ How do I know when there's new content?
You can configure to receiveNotificationsin the email or in the app, but I will also post a notice in thestorieswhen to post something new!

✷ How do I join the Discord community?
If you sign up as a Shooting Star once, you can find the link to join the Papoulers server in the "Package of the Month" area of the app. Access is lifetime, that is, you can stay on Discord even if you are no longer a subscriber.

If you want to know more or less what it's like and some previous rewards, I'm saving stories in Instagram highlights

✷ If you have more questions, send me a DM (@papoulasdouradas)

✷ How to cancel my subscription?
All these help with the platform you can find on the Hotmart website. This specific question ison here.

come and spy on what the communities are like:


Downloading thehotmartyou see the communities you join!

Each subscription type has access to some communities.
The contents are organized in them. In detail:

✷ Stardust (R$5/month)
Access to Exclusive

✷ Star (BRL 10/month)
Access to Exclusive
Access to Podcast + Videos

✷ Shooting Star (R$30/month)
Access to Exclusive
Access to Podcast + Videos
Access to Processes
Access to Package of the Month

✷ International ($3/month)

International Access


ground rules of communities

there you cancommentand interact! But any ugly or disrespectful comments will be deleted.
This can get you withdrawn too.

Do not share any exclusive content to people outside the community! In addition to being unfair to those who pay, I am very sad not to be paid for the exclusive content that I am preparing with so much care.

The coupons and links that scroll there are for you who subscribe only, friends and family do not have access (only if you choose to subscribe too).

If you have any questions or problems, send me an DM on Instagram and if I take too long, you can send an email to with the subject "Clube Papoulas Douradas"

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