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A lot of updates, help

Wow, September was a very busy month and full of cool things I wanna tell you!

I thought of doing a kind of recap of the month here, telling you things that I think are relevant for those who subscribe to this newsletter.

Starting the month with a super special launch in the store, the collection of illustrated notepads to organize the routine, caps and mugs! At the moment I'm using the Recipes Notepad and the Reflections Notepad . I'm really enjoying writing down thoughts and banal things, both on the notepad and in my visual diary (which I mentioned in the previous letter).

At the beginning of the month, I went to Flipop, the Pop Literature Festival, organized by Editora Seguinte! I was invited to a table on Autofiction, along with @oiaure and @brunavieira, and taught by @valerumlivro. Even though I was nervous, it was super cool. But I think the coolest thing was meeting some illustrators that I personally admire a lot, like Isa (@imzeferino), Vinícius (@vienno_) and Luiza (@ilustralu). It's really nice to see they are people like me and putting a face and personality to an internet profile is awesome!

That day I remembered and talked about my HQ HIKARI and I was motivated to redesign and expand the story for the future (who knows? it will be? if it happens, you'll know!!)

September was also the month I went out to meet some illustrators/artists from São Paulo! I went to a cat NGO with Laís (@laisdesenha), at Água Branca Park and then we wrap the day up with a delicious lunch at Urbã Cozinha Vegana! I rarely go to the Barra Funda region, but I loved this tour.

I also went to have a coffee at Astronauta Café with Anna (@anna.charlie) who I've been following for yearsss and we've been wanting to go out since before the pandemic but it only happened now hahaha

This beginning of October is also very busy! (It doesn't even feel like I wrote a letter titled "Let's slow down" a month ago, right? 🤡)

The third edition of Papoulinhas has started and I'm keeping an eye on the participations and also planning cool content. So far I've recorded 2 videos for the channel and I'm planning to do a live finishing one of the covers and explaining a little about my creative process.

Of course, the elections did not help calm the nerves. We went to vote and honestly I had a little hope of Lula in the first round. Imagine the disappointment to see the amount of people, who even after these last 4 years, voted for B0lsonar0??? Of course I was happy that a lot of people changed their minds and that some politicians were elected, but wow, I can't help but be sad by the situation. Now it's time to keep talking, informing, and shine on the 30th!!

The day after the election, I was really feeling down. We decided to visit a cafe in downtown SP that specializes in matcha and has a cat area for adoption, Gatcha. Gu saw it in a video on Instagram and since then I've been dying to go! I went there and had the vegan option (matcha latte with Namu's Korean matcha and Naveia's plant-based milk) and it was delicious. It doesn't even compare to the gray matcha I was drinking (because it came as a gift on a purchase lol), I'm already planning to buy this matcha to have at home.

Afterwards, we paid a fee of R$25/person to visit the cats for 30 minutes. The fee helps maintain the place and take care of the cats, but I would stay 1 hour, for real! Time flew by! The cats (only 1 male) were the cutest things in the world and one with a super different personality from the other. I fell in love with a little spotty cat that as soon as we walked in jumped into Gu's lap. She was so nice that she even let us rub her belly, and she had arrived at Gatcha just a few days ago. And Gu fell in love with a mini version of Ameixa (our black and white cat).

The desire to take the two of them was soooo much, but we tried to be rational and I really hope they find nice homes. All the cats there are up for adoption!

Ok, by now those who follow me on Instagram probably already knew all of this, if you haven't missed the stories, then let's go with the news!!

1- First of all, the Papoulas Douradas Subscription Club is coming back (something like Patreon)! I know you loved it and I had to take this break to compose myself, understand the best way to give you exclusive and quality content, without weighing me down too much. This month I will organize everything beautifully and the idea is to launch it at the beginning of November. I'm going to give you spoilers for you to get ready.

There will be 3 types of subscriptions for those who read/understand Portuguese and 1 for those who read in English, whether they are in Brazil or abroad!

These will be the "Internacional Tier":

Until I decide everything, some things can change but I believe that the general is that! In this early access to my illustrations, in addition to the ones I will post on Instagram, I intend to post sketches, unfinished drawings, advanced pages by Sora (@sonhosdesora) and experimental things :)

2- Class 2 of my Creating Magical Universes course will open in December! For now, only for those who read/understand Portuguese.

This letter was more of a big recap and update, much less ~reflective~ than the others, but I hope you enjoyed it! I feel like recording everything here is nice, considering that IG stories only last 24 hours.

I will explain about the Club and the course in more detail (when I have it) and send it to those who subscribe to the Learning Newsletter and are waiting for more information.

And that's it for today!

A great week and out b0lsonar0!!!


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