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What is this place?

Welcome to the blog.

Yep, this word that seems so nostalgic is slowly making its way back into my routine, and I hope that over time, it will steal a spot in the space of short captions, superficial interactions and 15-second videos.

If we go back in time to explain my affection for a place like this, we jump to 2013.

Actually, I could be lying, I confess that I don't remember in which year I started posting bead and wire tutorials on an anonymous blog, creating a friendly community in the midst of so much shyness during school and feeling the confidence that made me took the first step to post drawings on the Internet.

It was on a blog that sketches and photos from the sketchbook became public. From there, Papoulas Douradas begun. Soon became a Facebook page, an Instagram profile, an online store and a company.

And now Papoulas Douradas, or rather me Paola, want to go back to where it all started - where I found comfort - and I want to create a safe and cozy space, where I can share my ideas with you, in a more peaceful and less chaotic way.

This desire was planted in me for a while, but the trigger was a series of factors:

- An illustrator I admire started a newsletter. I signed up unpretentiously and was surprised by the words and the intimacy that the long text managed to convey.

- I discovered an illustrator through a vlog, I really liked the content and went to browse social networks. I came across a blog and illustrated newsletters! I was delighted.

- I started to read books again. Those who follow me may already know, but I started a reading challenge - initially 30 books in 1 year - and I've been posting the books through my personal profile and some lettering studies through the professional profile, using the hashtag #letteringpapoulasdouradas. Hearing words and reading words seem like completely different things.

- With the readings, I started to watch a lot of booktubers. Their passion for reading makes me so excited!

- On top of all that, I went back to studying French. Studying a language has made me fall in love with words again, even if it's not the language I can write (for now).

This series of factors clicked in my brain, and I thought, why not?

And here I am, typing in my studio while I nibble on some grapes. Grapes are great snacks, right?

Oh, and for the curious, the illustrators I mentioned above are Vinícius Xavier (@vienno_) and Magali Franov (@magalifranov), respectively. I suggest you go check it out!

Today the idea is to tell a little about what I want to do here.

I don't want anything rigid so this space will come together slowly.

The initial plans (as a good Pisces with moon in Virgo has) are to share monthly letters, as if they were newsletters, about my month. Maybe a few daydreams and reflections a week or so.

Going forward, who knows?

Let's see what this turns into.


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