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Time for change + Subscription club

How can I begin to describe this past month?

October went by so fast, I blinked and it's already November!

Some of the main reasons for this were certainly the anxiety during the elections and the participation in the Papoulinhas 3rd edition drawing challenge. Also, I was planning to come back to Clube Douradas Douradas, my subscription club, and all that, in the midst of work and managing the online shop... Well, I've been very busy.

I've been talking a lot about my professional and personal balance, and how I've been very satisfied with my choices to improve it. The wednesday off, the day I never get tired of talking about, is essential for my mental and physical health! I'm planning to record a video just about this, so if anyone has a specific question, you can send it here or on Instagram :) Also, in the last month, there have been some changes in my routine and in my head too, which made me look a lot inside.

There is a secret project that is still very much in the seed, but if everything goes well, it will turn into a book. Published. Official. Not by HON (my experimental publisher lol). Okay, that's all I can say about it. It was so crazy to have this opportunity, but the road is still so long that I won't say much more than that. As soon as I have more news, you will know!

With this project in progress, I have spent time introspective, and the reflections I make in my visual diary and in the notepad Reflexões, which I have already commented on in previous letters, also make me think a lot about the now. That's good, it keeps me present (even though I always look to the future, planning a lot, as you may already know I do).

From one project to another, I have Sora, my "for now" webcomic, which I've been posting on Instagram @sonhosdesora every Tuesday and Friday, until now, without fail! I've loved this project so much, I love the story and taking time out of the busy routine to think about calm and even "still" stories, in a pleasant environment like Sora's, is a breath!

Sora is an almost opposite project from the one I mentioned earlier. Sora is without a lot of planning, written in the middle of the rush, without a script, with super simple sketches. I find it interesting to keep such a light project and then be able to compare the two working methods. I've liked it the same, I like both feelings, one is safer, but longer, and the other is impulsive and fast.

Leaving a little bit of the bubble of work and magic and going to reality, when the result was that there would be a 2nd round of elections in Brazil, I felt a pang in my belly. It was a feeling of disappointment, sadness, but deep down I had a hope that we could get the "president" out of his mismanagement. And wow, days of waiting, trying to post useful information on social media to see if it had any impact on anyone, it was time for the 2nd round.

That day I spent the whole day without being able to do anything useful and at the same time, unable to rest. I stayed on my phone and watched Netflix, lying on the couch, anxious, waiting for the results.

That day I was alone at home and it was even more agonizing, but every hour, the votes for democracy were rising and the relief of having a positive result on Sunday night made me even burst into tears.

Now that the tense part is over, I feel like I can breathe and live the days with a little more ease and hope, and the good news I've seen since that decision already makes me more excited for the year to come!

That in 2023 I can play the piano better. I borrowed my mother's digital piano because she hadn't played for years, and I'm getting back into practice. I played classical piano from a very young age, but I stopped going to classes and I also didn't have a piano at home after I left my parents' house, so this hobby was put on hold.

That in 2023 I work for bigger projects, that give me time for big breaths, as happened this second semester, and that I find jobs that I believe in!

That in 2023 I make more friends from my circle. I have been more open to this and the feedback is very good!

That in 2023 we have more love and more affection.

Hope all of you are well! Take care because even with this good change, people can be bad.

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